b. 1986, HK.



Have you ever picked a word and tried to live it out each day?
Well, this year I chose to COMMIT. 

COMMIT to my dreams. 
COMMIT to my career. 
COMMIT to my health. 
COMMIT to my relationship.
And most importantly, COMMIT to myself. 

After receiving my BFA in Graphic Design from Texas Christian University, I moved back to my hometown of Dallas, Texas to start my creative career. After a while, I decided I was ready for an adventure, so I packed up everything I had and moved to Denver with my new husband. Now that I have been in the creative industry as an art director for a few years, I'm ready to shake things up. Not only for myself, but for clients as well. It's my job to to create, imagine, produce, execute and so much more. Every day I strive to push people to take risks with me and create something great!

Are you ready for that?